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What is ecobeautyscore?

Created by just over 70 members, including manufacturers and trade associations, the EcoBeautyScore (EBS) methodology and scoring system is open to all manufacturers of cosmetic products, all over the world, on a voluntary basis.   
The EcoBeauty Score Consortium ambition is to deliver a harmonized industry scoring system, based on the environmental impact assessment of the cosmetics products, thus provide a harmonized communication to consumers and encourage enhanced environmental performance of products. It will provide consumers with clear, transparent, and comparable environmental impact information, based on a common science-driven methodology.

The aim of this public consultation is to provide all relevant stakeholders with the opportunity to review and comment on the EBS methodology and scoring system and contribute their observations before the EBS methodologies are finalized and are launched on the market for a selection of product categories (including shampoo and face moisturizers). 

Review documents

Thank you to all Public Consultation participants for your time in reviewing the EBS methodology and supporting the improvement of EBS work.

More than 170 comments were received through this public consultation for more than 40 stakeholders. This Public Consultation has therefore generated insightful content for the future of EBS, each feedback representing opportunity to improve EBS work and a valuable insight to shape EBS future roadmap and development priorities.

All comments received during that period have been analysed :
A summary of stakeholders feedback and responses is now published and available below, as well as a document detailing all feedback and their respective answers.

We enter now the second stage of the consultation, lasting 30 days, during which those who already contributed to this public consultation will have the opportunity to assess whether their comments have been adequately addressed. No new comments from new contributors will be assessed during the second phase of the consultation.
You can send an email to : to submit your comment mentionning the feedback number of the EXCEL MASTER (in the ‘documents to review’ section below). If the feeback number is not mentionned, your comment won’t be taken into account.
Thank you again for your contribution

It is planned that EBS will initially be launched across Europe in 2024, therefore the public consultation will have a particular focus on this region, although we welcome comments from the cosmetics’ ecosystem globally.  
In order to have the largest reach, several national and regional trade associations will be contacted so that they can reach out to their members and relevant stakeholders and so that global cosmetics stakeholders are made aware and can send their comments as part of this first consultation process. 
At this stage, all documents will only be available in English. 
To the extent necessary, prior to the EBS being launched in other countries and regions outside the EU, additional targeted consultations may be planned. 

The EBS Project Management Team has run a webinar where experts explained the development of the methodologies. You can find the webinar deck added in the documents list below.